Older Americans Month 2017

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) has revealed Age Out Loud as the theme for this year’s celebration of older adults in May. Find out how your organization can support Older Americans Month and give aging a new voice. Source: Older Americas Month

Taking Charge of Oral Health: 3 Ways to Prevent Dental Disease as We Age

Many people—both patients and healthcare professionals alike—believe that toothaches, painful bleeding gums, and tooth loss are as inevitable as gray hair, wrinkles, and fragile skin. The truth is—dental diseases are not a normal part of aging. They are actually very preventable, and an important part of healthy aging. Here are three tips to help you […]

American Health Care Act

CBO and JCT estimate that enacting the American Health Care Act would reduce federal deficits by $337 billion over the coming decade and increase the number of people who are uninsured by 24 million in 2026 relative to current law. The Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 directed the House Committees on […]

5 Foods That Help You Sleep

Cherries. Fresh and dried cherries are one of the only natural food sources of melatonin, the chemical that controls the body’s internal clock to regulate sleep. Bananas. Potassium and magnesium are natural muscle relaxants, and bananas are a good source of both. They also contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which gets converted to 5-HTP in […]

How to Make Nighttime Caregiving Easier

For the third time tonight, around 4 a.m., your mother calls out that she needs help getting to the bathroom. You wearily rise and groggily assist her, trying to muster your last shreds of patience. Tucking her back into bed, you ask yourself if you should even try to hit the pillow again yourself. You’ll […]

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and What to Expect

First blanking on a grandchild’s name, then accusing a son or daughter of stealing personal belongings, to eventually not recognizing close family members—this is the heart-breaking long goodbye, also known as Alzheimer’s disease. One of the scariest parts of Alzheimer’s can be the unknown of how it will affect your loved one day to day, […]

6 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall

Falls are the leading cause of death, injury and hospital admissions among the elderly population. In fact, one out of every three seniors falls every year. Last year alone, more than 1.6 million seniors were treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. Several factors contribute to the fact that seniors fall so much more frequently […]

Hard Stuff

Okay, here’s the truth: sometimes I don’t feel like Saturdays with Mum. Actually, I need to revise that. Sometimes I don’t feel like Saturdays with Mum, with dementia.  I’d like to have the weekend off and not feel bad about it. Better still, I’d like to have the weekend with my mother as she used […]