When dealing with a loved one with dementia, remember the person not the disease. When dealing with challening behaviour, remember it’s the disease not the person.

Amanda SpearinAmanda Spearin joined Life changes as a Sr Care Manager in July 2019.  Amanda began working with seniors as a court appointed guardian representative in 2008.  As a Care Manager, Amanda treats each of her clients with the attention and detail she would provide her own family members.  She has extensive experience assessing needs, developing and implementing care plans.  Amanda has served on the board of Idaho Guardians and Fiduciary (IGFA). She previously worked as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist in Idaho. While she lived in CA, Amanda served on the California Child Abuse Prevention Council where she also served on the board for Child Death Prevention and assisted the organization in establishing a Justice Center, similar to Boise’s Women’s and Children Alliance.  Amanda is a proud wife and mother to two young children.  She enjoys cooking, anything outdoors and planning family trips.