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Getting the most from video chat

There is no doubt that video chat tools such as Zoom, FaceTime and Amazon Echo Show have made the isolation of older adults much more bearable. While not the same as an in-person visit, video chatting has been demonstrated to reduce depression in older adults by 50% when compared with other forms of connecting. Video […]

Grandparenting in the time of COVID

“COVID EXILE” The “COVID exile” has hit older adults particularly hard, adding isolation and depression to their high risk of dying from the virus. This is especially so for the 70 million grandparents who have suddenly been cut off from their grandchildren, a major source of joy and affection. Not only are daily lives diminished, […]


There are many things to fear in our world today, the most recent being the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus around the world.  But, recent events in my neighborhood completely unrelated to coronavirus reminded me how just easily our fears and biases can cause us to overlook concern for the welfare of others. I live […]

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research: Five Things We Learned in 2019

It has been a remarkable year in the field of Alzheimer’s and dementia research. As 2019 comes to a close, let’s look back at the innovative and meaningful insights we gained into the causes, risk factors and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Here are our five takeaways: Blood Tests = A New Reality On […]


You need to stop by the grocery on the way home from work for two gotta-have items. One of the items is coffee, but you can’t think of the other one to save your life. Every time you sit down to do that report for work, you can’t seem to focus and make any real […]

COVID-19: How One Family Caregiver Copes with the Changes

Lisa Shultz, author and family caregiver, is a family caregiver to her mother. In March, she was suddenly informed that her weekly visits were suspended to see her mom in an assisted living facility in response to the COVID-19 virus and efforts to reduce the chance of spreading the disease. She shares what this has […]

4 Coronavirus Scams to Avoid

Scammers are quick to exploit emergencies to cheat people out of money, and the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately is no exception. Follow and share these four tips to ensure you or an older adult you serve is not among their victims! 1. Beware fraudulent products claiming a cure From special teas to essential oils to silver […]

Senior Fall Prevention

Falls among seniors are incredibly common, and can cause serious injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some 2.5 million adults aged 65 and older in the United States are treated for fall injuries every year. Each year, three million older adults go to the ER for injuries due to falls. And in […]

Need someone else to call Medicare for you?

Would you like for a family member or caregiver to be able to call Medicare on your behalf? Medicare can’t give your personal health information to anyone unless we have permission in writing first. There are 2 ways to give permission:  (1) Print and fill out form CMS-10106: “Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information” and then mail it […]