Don’t Make a Fall Part of Your Fall Cleaning Routine

Home chores never seem to get erased from the to-do-list and with several holidays around the corner this fall, many of those tasks move even higher on that list. As part of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) Prevent Injuries America campaign, orthopaedic surgeons offer suggestions for staying safe during autumn clean-up tasks. “Never […]

Avoiding the Complications of Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month.  This year’s theme is”Diabetes is a Family Affair,” reflecting the fact that this disease affects entire families, not just the person with diabetes. While people of every age can develop diabetes, it becomes more common as we grow older. Almost 26 million Americans today have diabetes—almost 8 percent of our […]

Does “Fast Food” Have to Equal “Fat Food”?

Did you stop at your favorite drive-through on the way to work today—or are you planning a quick jaunt to a local fast-food restaurant on your lunch hour? Ongoing research increasingly confirms that maintaining the right body weight is one of the key factors in healthy aging. Carrying extra pounds increases the risk and severity […]

Fall Prevention: Know Your Risk to Lower the Risk

The risk of falling increases as we age. The numbers tell the story. Every year, one in three Americans over age 65 takes a fall. Many falls turn out to be harmless. But many are serious, leading to injury, hospitalization and incapacity. And every year 10,000 seniors will receive fatal injuries from falling. Along with […]

This Independence Day, Declare Your Freedom From Nicotine Addiction

This Independence Day, Declare Your Freedom From Nicotine Addiction Cigarettes are designed for addiction. The design and contents of tobacco products make them addictive. They deliver more nicotine and deliver it quicker than ever before. Nicotine is the highly addictive drug in cigarettes that keeps people smoking, even when they want to quit. Like heroin […]

Everyone in the Pool! Water Workouts Compare Favorably to Dry Land Exercise

Canadian researchers find the same aerobic benefits to water exercise, with less wear and tear Biking, running and walking are all good for you. But the strain can be tough if you’re overweight, have arthritis or suffer from other joint problems or injuries. What to do? Just add water. 1 hour payday loans now A […]