Did You Know…

49% of the U.S. workforce expects to be providing eldercare in the coming 5 years?


Q.  Why should I consider Life Changes?

A.  Being a caregiver can be an emotional, time-draining, financial burden. Being a part of the “Sandwich” generation and having to care for your own kids as well as your partners can be very tiring. Studies show that family caregivers are more likely to experience health problems of their own than their peers. For your own health and well being, you owe it to yourself to get the help you – and your loved ones – need.

Q,  How is Life Changes different than a home health agency or home care service?

A.  We offer expert geriatric case management to create customized care plans. We also have the ability to source home care & home health services without being locked into any one company. We can also independently research, evaluate, and recommend assisted living options, when and if the need arises.

Q.  How do I know if I need your services?

A.  The first step would be to identify stressors in you or your loved one’s lives. Do you or your loved one suffer from cognitive problems such as memory loss? Are there physical issues that are putting a damper on your everyday life? Identifying signs and symptoms should tell you whether or not you need Life Changes.

Q.  Does Life Changes work with disabilities?

A.  Absolutely. 20.9% of Idaho seniors have sensory problems, and 35.6% have physical problems. Whatever situation your loved one is in, we are confident that we can help.

Q.  Do you only work with older clients?

A.  Our primary client is going to be someone seeking elder care management for themselves or their loved ones.

Q.  Will my parents/loved ones accept your help?

A.  Of course, every client is going to have a different situation, but we are confident that not only will your loved one accept our help, they will be relieved because of our services.

Q.  How much will your services cost?

A.  We pride ourselves at Life Changes on being affordable. Your parent, spouse, or loved one deserves to be treated respectfully while obtaining the best service possible. We will strive to do everything in our power to meet both of those requirements at an affordable rate.

Q.  Can I hire you for a specific issue?

A.  We offer numerous services to different clients. Again, we realize every client has a unique situation so we don’t have a “fit and mold” generic plan for every client. Your loved one will be treated to whatever needs they may have.