I Have Alzheimer’s Disease – Just Diagnosed

Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is never easy — it’s life changing. It is normal to experience a range of emotions. Acknowledging your feelings can be an empowering first step in coping with the challenges ahead. Emotions you may have You noticed symptoms. You made a doctor’s appointment. You took tests. And you felt a […]

Carefully Consider the Implications of Moving an Elderly Loved One Closer to You

These days, family members are often scattered in various cities and states throughout the country. This poses a serious challenge when a loved one requires increased care or assistance. There almost always comes a point in time when long-distance caregivers give serious consideration to moving their loved ones closer to them. This can occur when […]

Saying “No” to Family Drama while Caregiving

Over the years, there have been many posts in the Caregiver Forum about the questionable things family members do and how deeply these actions affect elders and their caregivers. It seems that every family has a “difficult” member: the one who is never around but somehow knows everything; the one you can never please, no matter how […]

3 Simple Happiness Hacks for Caregivers

Have you ever met someone who seems happy all the time? Maybe it’s that person who always has a cheery, upbeat greeting for everyone, or someone who inexplicably manages to remain positive amidst challenging circumstances. But it might make you wonder, “Why am I not one of those people?” A recent Harris poll revealed that just one-third […]

The 4 Most Common Age-Related Eye Diseases

By age 65, one in three Americans have some form of vision-impairing eye condition. There are four major age-related eye diseases (AREDs) that affect seniors: glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Learning about the symptoms of and treatments for each of these conditions can help you protect your vision and that of an aging […]

Caregiving Top Tips: How to Start the New Year Off Right

As a new calendar year begins, we often reflect on years past and set new goals and aspirations for the one that lies ahead. New Year’s resolutions typically revolve around pursuing happier and healthier versions of ourselves. However, real life often causes these personal pledges to fall by the wayside—especially for family caregivers.  The AgingCare.com […]

Caregiving Tips for Traveling With Seniors

You don’t have to cancel the annual family vacation just because your loved one is getting older. With some careful planning, you can still get away and have an enjoyable time. Renata Gelman, BSN, RN, clinical manager for Partners in Care, an affiliate of The Visiting Nurse Service of New York, shares her best tips […]

Alzheimer’s Myths

Myth 1: Memory loss is a natural part of aging. Reality: As people age, it’s normal to have occasional memory problems, such as forgetting the name of a person you’ve recently met. However, Alzheimer’s is more than occasional memory loss. It’s a disease that causes brain cells to malfunction and ultimately die. When this happens, an […]