Why a Letter of Competency Should Be Part of Every Senior’s Legal File

Dementia and other health issues that affect one’s mental capacity are devastating in many ways, but they can also complicate the basic legal planning that is recommended for all seniors. Countless members of the AgingCare Caregiver Forum have shared stories about bitter disputes between family members over whether an aging loved one’s will, powers of attorney and […]

Validation Therapy for Dementia: Calming or Condescending?

People with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia often come to live in an altered reality that doesn’t mesh with ours. Their hallucinations and delusions may not make any sense to us, but their perceptions are as real to them as ours are. Dealing with this stark contrast can be difficult, but validation is […]

A Recommended Reading List for Caregivers

Caregivers often feel that there aren’t enough resources available on how to provide quality care while balancing work, relationships and self-care. The truth is that there are a few excellent books out there, it just comes down to weeding out the ones that are truly informative and meaningful. Every caregiver knows that their role is […]

Find out the status of your new Medicare card

You may have heard that we started mailing new Medicare cards to everyone with Medicare. Hang tight — mailing takes some time across the country, and you might get your card at a different time than friends or neighbors in your state. In the meantime, keep using your current Medicare card until your new one arrives. […]


We find inspiration from people – what they say, what they write, and what they do. Ultimately, these individuals can stimulate us to achieve new levels of success or become a better version of ourselves. As we gather our inspiration from others, we can also serve to inspire the people around us. In what ways […]

Communication Breakdown

Why is it that communication with elderly relatives is so hard for family caregivers? There are many reasons; some that can be mitigated, and some that can’t. Hearing & Vision Loss For example, it is not uncommon for seniors to experience hearing and/or vision loss that contributes to their inability to understand what you are […]

Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home

Admitting the need for help and accepting assistance is not easy for people as they age. The responsibility often falls on family members to recognize the signs that an aging loved one might need support with completing the activities of daily living. How do you know if it is time for in-home care? Look for the […]

7 Steps to Take When a Senior is Suddenly Hospitalized

Adult children of aging parents often hold their breath for the dreaded call that Mom or Dad is in the hospital. Something as simple as a fall, a surgery or even the flu can be the event that precipitates crisis mode and then caregiving mode. When this happens, there are often countless questions left unanswered […]

“Mini-Strokes” Can Have Mega Health Effects

Carolyn Howard-Johnson was at the base camp of Mount Everest researching local monasteries on the internet when it happened. The life-long writer and author of several books could no longer read.  “I suddenly noticed that I wasn’t understanding what I was seeing on the computer screen,” she recalls. The feeling soon passed and Howard-Johnson went […]


Life is a mixture of positive and negative experiences. Over time, these experiences intertwine with each other to create a balance. In this give and take scenario, the negative experiences allow us to more fully appreciate the good in life. Secondly, they often serve to strengthen our character by providing us with new opportunities for […]