Helping Children Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

Helping Children Understand Alzheimer’s Disease Today over five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, and many of these people are cared for by their families. For the youngest family members, the changes in their relative can be bewildering and scary. The National Institute on Aging shares suggestions on helping children understand and cope with […]

Four Myths About Seniors and Computers

Four Myths About Seniors and Computers Today, most of us take our computers for granted—in the workplace, in our homes, at the doctor’s office, and right at our side no matter where we go. But as soon as computers began to appear in the workplaces and homes of Americans, researchers expressed concerns about the “digital […]

Five Myths About Aging

Five Myths About Aging Common misperceptions can stand in the way of making the best choices as we grow older. Myth #1: Seniors are grouchy. Cartoon strips starring curmudgeonly old men, elderly women whacking miscreant teenagers with their canes…the crabby senior is an archetype with which we are all familiar. It is true that physical […]

Can Laughter Lower Our Blood Pressure?

Humor has been shown to benefit our health in many ways—emotionally, physically and intellectually. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently reported on two studies that show a particular benefit: It would appear that having a good laugh can help lower our blood pressure. In the first study, test subjects watched a comedy film […]

Subtle Brain Change May Cause Increased Gullibility

A 75-year-old retired professor still regularly delivered guest lectures at universities around the country. “Dad is still so sharp,” his adult children often said. And yet, his family learned that he had fallen victim to an investment scam that cost him thousands of dollars. It has long been known that seniors are at higher risk […]

Too Old to Exercise?

In October, researchers from the University of California Irvine showed that being in poor physical condition raises the risk of dementia in people over age 90. They found that seniors who have trouble walking, standing and balancing are more likely to develop dementia. The study authors speculated, however, that the risk might be reversible. Gerontologists […]

Tips for Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Information from Kaiser Health News on the complicated topic of long-term care insurance. The question of whether to get long-term care (LTC) insurance bedevils consumers and their advisers. Unlike medical insurance, it is intended primarily to cover people who need assistance with so-called activities of daily living—for example, the care of a dementia patient or […]

Give Your Loved One’s Home a Safety Makeover

Are you making plans to get together with family this winter? Eldercare specialists know that this is the time of year when families often notice that their senior relatives are struggling to be safe and comfortable at home. Perhaps an older loved one can no longer handle home maintenance, or has suffered an injury from […]