Top 10 words of wisdom from fellow caregivers

No one knows what it’s like to care for someone with dementia better than someone who has been there, done that. Fellow caregivers often know exactly what you’re going through and how you feel. It’s encouraging to hear from someone who has blazed this trail already and can share their lessons learned with you.

On the Remember for Alzheimer’s Facebook page last month, we asked caregivers to share a piece of advice they’d give to other caregivers. It was a great reminder of how much wisdom is out there in the care community that you can tap into!

These are the top 10 words of wisdom that caregivers shared:

  1. Don’t argue with them. Just move on and love them.
  2. Don’t take what they do personally. It’s not done with the intention to hurt or upset you.
  3. Have patience and love. They are still there inside.
  4. Educate yourself…read everything you can about the disease, behaviors, etc. The more you understand it, the better prepared you will be for each stage and change.
  5. Understand that they are living in whatever time their brain is allowing. Whether that be when they were 15, 25, or 30. So, when they say to you, “Have you seen my baby boy John? He is 3 years old,” don’t make them feel more confused by telling them that their baby boy is now an adult. They really are living in that time in their mind.
  6. Take care of yourself and allow others to help.
  7. Patience, patience, and patience. I found when answering a question, it helps to only give as much info as needed. Don’t over load them.
  8. Please, please, please ask for help and make some time for yourself! No matter if it’s only to have a relaxing bath or go for a cup of coffee, you need to keep well for the person you are caring for. Try and give your loved one a bit of independence even if they make a mess (as long as it’s safe for them). If they aren’t able to speak, talk to them anyway, even if it’s about things you did together years ago. Remember the person you are looking after loved you and still loves you. Don’t feel guilty if you get cross and tired.
  9. Take the blame straight away …no arguments …it never matters husband loves being right all the time now.
  10. Enjoy the moment. Things will never be like they were before. Be patient and with lots of love in your heart!

What lessons learned from your own caregiving experience would you share with another caregiver? Feel free to join the discussion on Facebook or email your thoughts to

Source: Home Instead Senior Care